Car batteries Clarkson

Car batteries Clarkson Battery pic  Today was a good day for Car batteries Clarkson and mobile mechanics , a email for a car battery delivered to perth and a vehicle inspection in Northbridge on a Mitsubishi Pajero, the gentleman that called us had already looked at the Mitsubishi himself but wanted a professionals opinion as well so he called us to get a pre purchase vehicle inspection carried out so off we went to Northbridge, the prepurchase vehicle inspection was carried out an besides a couple off minor faults and a poor car battery but over all the Mitsubishi came up good !! the old owner was happy to drop the price a little to allow for these small car repairs to be done and the new owner was very happy with our service and because we  have car batteries delivered all over Perth we told him if he buys the car just google Car batteries Clarkson and mobile mechanics and we will send him a new car battery

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