Car Battery Care

Car Battery Care

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There are a variety of things we can do to prolong the lives of our car batteries. These little things can all add up to saving you a lot of time and money. Using these simple car battery tips, you will reduce the chance of you waking up with a flat battery and maximise the life of your battery.

Use Your Vehicle Regularly

Whether you own a car, ute or truck, you must drive your vehicle regularly to maintain the required level of charge in your battery. Your battery is charged by the alternator which only charges when you are using your vehicle.

Correct Vehicle Servicing
The longer you leave your car without a service, the more your engine deteriorates. This poor engine condition can overwhelm and reduce the life of your battery.

Battery Drainage
Items such as lights, ipods and mobile phones flatten your battery leaving it to be recharged. This constant recharging of your battery can shorten its life.

Battery Charge

If you don’t have a vehicle that has a battery charge dial on the dashboard, ensure you have it checked every service. This is because over-charging and under-charging can both greatly reduce the life of your battery.

Battery Stability
Along with getting the charge of the battery checked, make sure your battery is secure. Speed bumps and vibrations from driving can damage your battery plates, and loose connections in your battery plates cause flat batteries.

Battery Maintenance
It is very important to keep your battery clean and dry as dirt and dampness can cause your battery to lose charge. Ensure your battery is cleaned and checked at every service.

Battery Jump Start
These days attempting to jump start your battery can actually do more harm than good as it can damage the electronics in many modern vehicles.