Emergency Breakdown Assistance Perth

Emergency Breakdown Assistance Perth

At CMM Automotive, our emergency breakdown assistance gives you a person to call when your car breaks down and you are stranded on the side of the road. If you’re with big companies like the RAC, the reality is you could be waiting hours for someone to come fix your vehicle. Hours spent in the 40 degree heat on the side of the freeway, thanks but no thanks. Call CMM Automotive Perth Mobile Mechanics and you will have an immediate response to your call. As part of our breakdown assistance, there are many services provide. This includes;

Fuel Delivery

-If you run out of fuel miles from any station, our Perth Mobile Mechanic roadside assistance can bring you a small amount of fuel to get you to the nearest station. However, in some areas, fuel delivery may not be allowed.

Flat Tyre

If your tyre goes flat, whether it’s a slow puncture or a full on blowout, our Perth Mobile Mechanic roadside assistance team can send someone out to fix/replace it. This is especially advised for owners of performance cars, where there are set placements under the vehicle for the jack.

Battery Jump-Start

If you have left your lights or the vehicle hasn’t been used in a while and has gone flat, our Perth Mobile Mechanic breakdown assistance professional will come and jump start your vehicle or replace your battery on site.