Ford updates F-450 with a Power Stroke Diesel V8

In 2015, Ford will be giving it’s F450 super trucks some upgrades, one of these being a new Power Stroke Diesel V8. The turbocharged 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 is already rated at 400 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque, and now Ford tells us the new Power Stroke will “produce power beyond today’s” engine capabilities. There will be output increases with the new turbo setup, but since the new turbocharger operates at a lower peak pressure than the old one, the automaker was able to eliminate the waste gate system and reduce the engine’s complexity. An interesting point to note is a by-product of the larger turbo is better engine exhaust braking, which is controlled manually by a button on the dashboard.

The Power Stroke also gets a new high-pressure fuel pump and injectors that deliver more fuel and improve combustion. To help the engine cope with the added power, it gets a new five-layer head gasket, a new four-layer exhaust-manifold gasket, material added for durability to the cylinder heads, valvetrain and exhaust manifold, stronger piston assemblies and a stronger crankshaft. The six-speed automatic transmission is equipped with a stronger torque converter.

The Super Duty King Ranch Edition F-Series remains largely the same, except for some cosmetic updates. The “Running W” emblem that adorns King Ranch trucks – and the ranch that inspires them – has received extra attention for 2015. The W is cut out and stitched into the seat backs and center console in a way that makes the emblem look branded. Ford also says that a “richer, lighter shade of Mesa leather” is used for the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel, while the exterior gets a new, darker shade of Caribou paint for the wheel lips, bumpers and lower body.

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