Getting the most out of your Car Battery

– Keep the battery terminals clean and inspect regularly for corrosion.

– Start the car before operating car accessories drive your vehicle to allow it the chance to charge the battery via the alternator which produces electricity and as a by-product charges the car battery after voltage drops in the battery.

– Keep the battery secure and free from vibration. Batteries that shake can become damaged and short circuit.

– Insulate the battery from extreme temperature changes with a car battery insulation kit. These usually come with new cars already, however you can find replacements specifically made to fit your car’s battery compartment.

– Purchase a car battery charger that will maintain an optimum charge level when your car is remaining parked in the garage or when you go on vacation.

– Check the car battery water level indicator on a regular basis! Most car batteries will indicate if it needs more water. It may never require water, but it should be checked.

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