Greenwood mobile mechanics

Greenwood mobile mechanics  Today was a very interesting for Greenwood mobile mechanics, taking lots off calls for car batteries and vehicle inspections , gentleman in wanted to purchase a Toyota Land cruiser from Perth and he did find one with apparently no problems !! He did the right thing and googled Vehicle assistance perth we came up, after explaining they he required a vehicle pre purchase inspection we asked him to check out the Greenwood mobile mechanics website under motor vehicle inspections which he did and was happy to book the vehicle pre purchase inspection , When we turned up to carry out the pre purchase vehicle inspection this is a picture off what his drivers seat looked like !!! And there was not ment to be anything wrong with the Toyota Land Cruiser ???? lol If the gentleman had off bought the Toyota he would have needed vehicle assistance perth to come and help him on the side of the road! he was very happy with Greenwood mobile mechanics

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