Hyundai brake noises in Padbury

Noisey brakesToday we received a interesting call from a guy in Padbury with a Hyundai which had some brake noises so we headed straight out there to do a brake inspection ! When we got there we took the car for a test drive only to find that sure enough there was some bad brake noise from the front but quiet from the rear ?? When we explained this to the owner he was puzzled because he had replaced the front brakes himself only three weeks ago ??? So we stripped off the wheels and did a full brake inspection !! We found that the brakes were new on the front but were not the correct brake pads and the disc rotors were all glazed and the two off these problems were contributing to the Hyundai’s brake noise so after the owner agreed we machined his brake disc rotors,fitted his new brakes [the correct brakes] and the problem was resolved

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