Memo On Car Batteries


Owning CMM Automotive, I have found that most people think that their battery (after a bad experience) just all off a sudden gives up on them. However, at least 95% of the time, we have found that customers batteries were showing signs off not being able to do the job required 6 months before they fail.  This is why at CMM Automotive, as part of every vehicle service, we conduct a series off tests and checks to make sure your battery will be up to the task for the next 6 months. For instance, we can test a battery and see that it is working at 50%. Now for the rest of this week, that may be enough to start the car and control all the electrics, but this battery will most definitely fail 8 weeks from now. And seeing how our modern day vehicles are so dependant on their electrics, it can be concluded that a simple check of a customers battery can stop them becoming stranded roadside, where it can become costly and inconvenient.

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