Memo On Vehicle Inspections


In the early days, we noticed that an abnormal amount of new customers were coming from people who had just bought a new vehicle from either someone they trusted or from a stranger they had never met. What surprised us as mechanics was that these people were shocked that they had been ripped off. People usually only sell a car when they are not happy with it for one reason or another eg financial, or they know it’s got serious problems which they themselves don’t want to pay for or they know for a fact that what they did to it way back “will definitely be costing them something in the future!!” And some of these repairs are worth thousands. So at CMM Automotive we have produced a vehicle inspection that will not only give you peace of mind but will put you in the bargaining seat with any minor faults being brought to light. This will make your transition from one car to another as smooth as possible and not the worst decision you have ever made.

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