mobile mechanic perth wa
Toyota serviceToday was a interesting day in the workshop doing car servicing and car repairs  normally we get several calls for mobile mechanic perth wa but today there was heaps off calls for our CMM Automotive car service center for car repairs and a couple for a car service and one off those car services today was a Toyota that came through for a standard log book service and a list off vehicle repairs which consisted off several warning lights on the Toyota‘s dash staying on ??? So we carried out the usual vehicle inspection and we found the reason why the engine oil light was on was because there was not engine oil in it !! And the reason why the water level warning light was on was because the Toyota‘s cooling system required two litres of water and when we pressure tested the cooling system we found several leaking water hoses !! Very important to get a car service every six months or ten thousand kms because this Toyota‘s engine would have not lasted much longer or you will end up being one off those callers for mobile mechanic perth wa and requiring roadside assistance

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