The importance of servicing your gearbox

Within our modern era, the gearboxes of vehicles have become very high tech, with most gearboxes having their own computer to run their systems. These computers need to  be set correctly and regularly checked for fault codes. In addition, the gear oil to help the gearbox operate correctly and effectively has also become more advanced. It is no longer to simply put just any type of oil in (most times we will stock a minimum off 10 different gearbox oils.) One of the other major contributing factors to getting a gearbox service, is the price of replacing them. Most people don’t realise that it’s totally possible to be handed a bill for $4000-$5000 just because they never had a gearbox service every couple of years, which would have only cost $225 for the majority of makes and models. So it is our opinion, good sense, and financial reasoning to service your gearbox regularly.

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