The Importance Of The Car Battery

These days we are finding more and more problems with vehicles caused from poor batteries. Batteries are now the brain in the centre of the vehicles electrical system and now that all vehicles speak in voltages, if the battery is in poor condition then the vehicles components are unable to communicate correctly causing serious issues. For example a week ago we had a Proton which would start and idle but its engine would not rev ? After checking the vehicles engine/ECU codes we found that there was several ‘low voltage ‘ codes ? We then checked the battery to find it was in poor condition, we then replaced it and the vehicle ran fine and the engine would again rev! Another one was a Holden Viva which would not idle and again on further investigation we found the battery was faulty, after replacing the battery the vehicle would now idle correctly. The battery should be checked each service by an  accredited technician every six months or 10000kms to prevent any possibility of battery related problems.

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