Vehicle Inspections Burns Beach

Vehicle Inspections Burns Beach


CMM Automotive Mobile Mechanics now provide vehicle inspections in Burns Beach. Please call 1800 888 990 to book an inspection.

A personal note from CMM Automotive Mechanics owner Grant

In the early days, we noticed that an abnormal amount of new customers were coming from people who had just bought a new vehicle from either someone they trusted or from a stranger they had never met. What surprised us as mechanics was that these people were shocked that they had been ripped off. People usually only sell a car when they are not happy with it for one reason or another eg financial, or they know it’s got serious problems which they themselves don’t want to pay for. This also includes people who know for a fact that what they did to it way back ‘will definitely be costing them something in the future”!!

In Burns Beach, we provide fully comprehensive and unbiased vehicle inspections.

Our inspections include:

Complete engine check

Full electrical check

Fuel and ignition system check

Visual inspection of brakes, tyres, wheels

Steering and suspension

Transmission testing and check

Body condition inspection

Air-conditioning testing and check

Full interior checks, including rust

Road test of the vehicle

Full customer report and professional recommendation (our report is provided to you and only to you) we can provide a copy to the other party upon your approval.

How long does it take?

Please allow 1-2 hours for a proper formal inspection

How much does a vehicle inspection cost?

It costs approximately $265 for us to come to the car and perform a detailed inspection. We think it’s a small investment for long term peace of mind in Burns Beach.

One of the most important parts of our inspections that puts us a step ahead of all the other mechanics is we will provide you with a list of replacements that will come up in near future services. For instance the timing belt might need replacing in 10000 kms time which will cost you 2000 in 6 months. If you have found your vehicle over the internet, send us a link to the advert and we will make sure you are purchasing the vehicle you believe you are looking to purchase. For instance the year, make, model and VIN number. It is amazing how often people try adding a year or two on the model of their vehicle, especially when aesthetically they look quite similar from the outside.

Call NOW on 1800 888 990 for a fast, efficient and friendly vehicle inspection. To make a booking please CLICK HERE, or to request a quote CLICK HERE.